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Google Hosting

Cisco estimates that in the 2020 coming year, cloud traffic will represent 92% of all data center network traffic that exists in the world. According to Google Trend, the interest in Google Cloud Platform itself grew very rapidly over the last few years. More and more companies are migrating to the cloud, as they offer better security, more flexibility and a more cost-effective solution. The Cloud can save money from its IT staff and allow IT to scale instantly.

Google Cloud Hosting is one of the many services provided by Google Cloud Platform. They also provide other services such as App Engine, CDN, DNS, Cloud Storage and many more. Google Cloud Platform uses many physical servers, and also uses the virtual machine, which is stored in Google's data centers that are scattered in regions such as America, Western Europe and East Asia.

Google Cloud Hosting offers a variety of benefits if you use it. The following are some advantages of using this service from Google Cloud Platform.

1. Better cost scheme
Google applies a payment scheme with a per minute count, more precisely per 10 minutes, you pay only for what you use. And a bonus for the first you can try this free Google Cloud Hosting service.

2. Google's Fiber Network
Google Cloud Hosting uses Google's own fiber Internet network. The network crosses 33 countries, which means data is up to visitors with the lowest latency possible. As with application data, media such as images and video, the Google network ensures that data is transferred using a private network from the data center to users, anywhere in the world.

3. Live Migration
Google Cloud Hosting offers a live migration, which basically visitors won't know because it won't experience a decrease in performance, when we're migrating a virtual machine between the host machine. The advantage of live migration is that Google engineers will better handle problems such as pacthing, repairing and updating software and hardware, without having to worry about reboot server.

4. Unspoiled security
One of the other advantages of choosing Google Cloud Hosting is security. Because Google uses a security system that has been built for 15 years, and currently secures a variety of popular products from Google such as Search, Gmail and others. And Google employs over 500 best security experts.

5. Growing up
As a giant, Google continues to improve its service, one of which is continuing to expand its data center network. Google not long ago opened up data centers in 9 locations in the world: Sidney, Sau Paulo, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Singapore, London, Hamina, Northern Virginia and Tokyo.

6. Redundant Backup
Google Cloud Storage is designed to be able to have 99.999999999% durability and use 4 different Storage types: Coldline, nearline, regional and multi-regional. Google Cloud Storage stores data in redundant, with automatic checksums to ensure data integrity. Google Cloud Hosting ensures that you won't lose any data, even if a disaster happens.